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Pf Changs releases new gluten free menu


PF Changs glute free menu will start tomorrow with double the choice of gluten free items. When ordering a gluten free item it should be delivered to you on a round plate if no send it back!  

The new items, in addition to are GF Beef with Broccoli, GF Beef a La Sichuan, GF Pepper Steak, GF Mongolian Beef. They also have GF Singapore Street Noodles (Shrimp, chicken & rice noodles) and Chang’s Fried Rice in Beef, Chicken or Pork. The Flourless Chocolate Dome is the only GF dessert.

Gluten Freeville was quoted as saying  "We were told that since they changed their marinade on Beef and Pork dishes, many more of them are gluten free now, but you still have to alert them to the fact that you are ordering the dish from the gluten free menu. Their flour-dusted items, such as the Mongolian Beef, Chang’s Spicy Chicken, and the Lemon Chicken are always dusted in cornstarch, so the marinade was the problem."

Another great step in addressing the issues of the Autism community

321 W. Katella Ave. Ste. 120
Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 507-2021


  • John Aberle 5 years ago

    I'm glad to see this information on PF Chang's because I like Chinese food. The problem is that most soy sauce includes wheat flour. Although I don't know for sure that I have a problem with gluten, I do know that wheat flour congests me. I look forward to trying these dishes.

    Anaheim Restaurant Examiner

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