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Peyton Manning 'Omaha': Mysterious call brings donations, drinking game, meaning

Peyton Manning is headed back to the Super Bowl, but this time it will be with the Denver Broncos as they defeated the New England Patriots 26-16 in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014. While this is a huge story, one of the things being talked about even more is Peyton Manning's incredibly loud call of "Omaha" that is shouted repeatedly in each game.

Peyton Manning "Omaha"
Getty / USA Today / teefury
Peyton Manning's "Omaha" call has turned into a cultural phenomenon.
Getty Images - Doug Pensinger

Manning's mysterious yelling of the largest city in Nebraksa has spawned a lot of talk in the past week, and it's brought about a lot of attention. It has also brought forth a drinking game, some big-time donations, and a host of wrong explanations as to what he means by it.

Earlier this week, Peyton Manning was asked about it and explained his call of "Omaha."

“I’ve had a lot of people ask what Omaha means. Well, Omaha, it’s a run play,” Manning said Wednesday during his AFC Championship game week press conference.

From there, Manning continued and added a bit of sarcasm.

“But it could be a pass play, or a play-action pass, depending on a couple of things: the wind, which way we’re going, the quarter, and the jerseys that we’re wearing,” Manning said. “It really varies, really, from play-to-play. So there’s your answer to that.”

Now, if Manning was to actually and truthfully explain any of his calls or signals or hand motions, it would be giving away team secrets. All quarterbacks have certain things they say a lot such as "Kill Kill" by Drew Brees or "Razor" by Tom Brady.

During Denver's NFL playoff divisional round victory over the San Diego Chargers last week, Manning shouted "Omaha" 44 times.

That has led to a number of companies, mostly Omaha-based, offering up deals for Peyton Manning's mysterious play call. offered a 15 percent discount on Omaha hotels through June 1, 2014, if Manning yelled it out at least 50 times against the Patriots.

Five Omaha companies, including Omaha Steaks, have pledged to donate $500 to charity for every time Peyton Manning shouted "Omaha." That money will go to Manning's foundation for at-risk youths.

Fans and analysts may never know what Peyton Manning's "Omaha" call actually means, but it has certainly brought forth a lot of good, a lot of conversation, and a lot of confusion for opposing teams.

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