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PetSmart - Southern Pines Animal Shelter Adoption Program

Dogs looking to be adopted
Dogs looking to be adopted
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Many animals (such as dogs and cats) have been unwanted and left abandoned ranging from puppies and kittens to adults. Some have been dropped off and left in local neighborhoods, and others have been taken to shelters. Southern Pines Animal Shelter is one such establishment that takes in these animals and helps to find a good home for them.

Adoption is a very good way to go if you are thinking of getting a new or first time pet. Southern Pines has gotten together with the local PetSmart store on Highway 98 to try and have these animals adopted.

Most days Petsmart has cats that  Southern Pines has brought in for adoption. On Saturdays they bring in puppies and full-grown dogs that can be adopted right there on the spot. You can call ahead, if you like, to find out times they have these animals there and possibly find out what kinds of dogs and cats will be there.

This makes very convenient so you can make one stop. You can adopt a new family member and get whatever you may need for lovable pet as well. Whether it be food, food dishes, name tags, or just a good old fashion collar for them.

Southern Pines offers rabies vaccination at a low cost. You may also want to get your pet spayed or neutered, which they also offer a a very low cost.


  • Shawn Murin 5 years ago

    Way to go Faber. Do you know how much they charge to neuter?

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