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Pets want to be earth-friendly, too.

Over the last year, more and more people have tried to "go green" -- to be more earth friendly. Pet owners and companies that make and/or sell pet related products have joined the movement as well.

Check out "Green Pets: Earth Friendly Fidos and Fluffies" on PetPlace for a decent list of companies that produce "green" pet products and the ASPCA's page "Go Green for Pets" for a detailed how-to list.

From Center for American Progress which touts "Earth-Friendly Pet Care" using only baking soda and vinegar to The Ultimate Green Store which sells 38 "Green Pet Products" there are many ways to help the planet.

Among the many companies and websites that sell earth-friendly pet products, there is Bell Rock Growers. In addition to ordering online, you can also find this company's brand in PetSmart -- both Owensboro, KY and Evansville, IN -- and Pets 1st Inc. -- located in Newburgh and Evansville, IN.

Yes, helping the earth can also mean helping your pet(s) and it will definitely give us all a chance to breathe easier.


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