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Pets Need Stitches Too

Basic  Jacket  and Sleep pad
Basic Jacket and Sleep pad

When we become pet owners they become part of our lives. Miniature children to a point for many of us. It is only natural that they also become part of our hobbies and pastimes. Seamstresses and craftspeople as well as famous artists include their love for their animals in their arts.

One practical and simple way to improve your sewing skills is doggies fashions. It is a fun and usually quick way to get practice and rewarding results. Sometimes a big laugh too. Most patterns for dog accessories are very basic and straightforward. You can add embellishments to your hearts desire or trim them down to the bare essentials.

Shown below is McCall's Crafts pattern M 5544   on a 19 lb schnauzer mix named Sasha. It is styled in basic pajama fleece with a simple collar and instead of sleeves, basic trimmed leg openings. This project was about 30 minutes start to finish.  You will notice the pad in the picture. That is simply a fabric top, quilting filler in the center and a solid backing stitched in a simple rectangle for a great sleeping pad that can go from couch to floor to vehicle simply.

Next time you want to make a gift for a pet lover, consider their pet as well. A matching fleece cap and scarf with a doggy jacket to match would endear any true pet mommy to tears. Happy pet stitching.


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