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Pets need and want proper grooming

Casey's groomed for camera
Casey's groomed for camera
courtesy photo

Just as people  dress for success, so should pets. Why not groom your pet to look its best? It may just boost its morale. A favorite TV commercial is the little terrier who passes by a mirror sporting his favorite sweater and goes back to take a second look because he looks so good. Dogs and cats know when they look good.

Your pet needs to feel good about itself and one sure way to do this is by giving it a beauty treatment at least once a month or depending upon the breed, even perhaps a daily or weekly treatment. This could be an at-home session or a regularly scheduled appointment at a pet grooming salon.

Grooming your pet is very important no matter if you have a cat or dog. It's especially important to brush a long-haired dog or cat on a daily basis. If you wait too long, those snarls and snags may never come out; then, your kitty or pooch would need to be clipped down to the skin to be relieved of those unsightly dressings. Whether it's your groomer or you that apply this beauty treatment, the all gussied-up look may include: colorful and cute bows, ribbons or scarves. 

Your pet depends upon you for its grooming routine its entire life!