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Pets hot weather and automobiles

Summer time is great and we all want our pets to go with us. This is especially true if having them close to us provides a feeling of protection; whether protection for us or for the pet. The important factor is they are with us and not left in a stuffy hot house or apartment all day. The problem frequently comes up what to do with the pet as we need to run into a store, for only a minute; or we stop at an outdoor market. We have all heard and seen the disastrous results of a pet or child being left in a car on a warm much less hot day. There is another situation which can raise its ugly head, without us even realizing it. Many of us travel in town and out with our pets on a daily basis. Living in a climate where temperatures are normally moderate and easily controllable for taking pets with us. The unfortunate happens when we don’t think about the weather or forget we have them with us, while we stop for just a second.

There have been lots of reminders and ways to keep ourselves aware, see which one works for each of us, and then use it. We are all different, just as the different forms of reminders are, so there must be one for each of us. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the weather at its best. And don’t forget to check the local listings of activities to do with our FFBF.

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