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Pets at flea markets? Nevada city saying not so fast!

Flea markets are fun places to find all kinds of treasures at bargain prices, but would you buy a pet at a flea market? Would you even attempt to sell pets at a flea market?

Flea markets are notorious for being hot and crowded and are certainly no place for animals packed and stacked into cages that sit out in the elements for ten hours. It is because of the terrible and unregulated conditions these unfortunate animals find themselves in that lawmakers in Carson City, Nevada are considering banning the sale or transfer of live animals at flea markets/swap meets.

Channel 8/KLAS TV Las Vegas reports that the organization, Nevada Voters for Animals, is working towards getting legislation passed to end this practice that puts pets in peril because of the lack of regulatory oversight involved in having live animal sales at these outdoor events.

NVA president Gina Greisen provided a video (click here) to KLAS showing dogs crammed into cages and left in the sun at a swap meet in Broadacres, NV back in 2009. Putting animals in these conditions can only be described as irresponsible and harmful to their health and well being.

It is because of incidences like this one that Assembly Bill 246 is being considered. One veterinarian was reported as stating that these flea markets and swap meets "basically act like puppy mills", a term already associated with the abuse of animals. Animals being sold sans regulation can carry all kinds of diseases that render them sickly and allow for the spread of such fatal conditions as Parvo which is highly contagious.

All parties are helping to work on the language of the bill. Both sides agree on the intent; to protect animals from abusive and neglectful breeding and sales practices.

I you live in Nevada, contact your state representatives and tell them you support the ban on sale or transfer of live animals at flea markets/swap meets.

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