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Pets are (not) allowed


No pets allowed sign

Pets are not allowed.  This is a sign seen at many businesses and public areas.  Hotels included.  This makes it difficult, but not impossible to travel with the family pet.

A question many hotels hear from guests trying to make reservations is, "Do you accept pets?" The answer is more no than yes. Though it may seem as if the hospitality industry dislikes pet lovers, this is not the case.

Most hotels do not accept pets for one simple reason. The reason that most hotels do not accept pets is the cost.  This may seem like an easy fix, just charge a fee for guests who wish to travel with their pets.

For those pet owners who wonder where do the costs come from or why should they be charged an extra fee for bringing along their beloved pet. Though it may seem unfair there are certain reasons why a hotel will charge a pet fee.

One reason is that hotels are governed by state laws that, depending upon the state, usually mean that if a hotel accepts pets then they have to follow very specific clean up procedures. These procedures can be anywhere from just stripping the room completely of all bedding to deep cleaning carpets, curtains, and professionally treated for fleas. This process can take up to two or more days in which this room will not be sold and will not make any money.

Another reason is that, unfortunately, no matter how well behaved your pet may be, sometimes they do not like to be left alone in unfamiliar surroundings and may act out by expressing themselves vocally.  This may disturb other guests who are trying to relax; they may complain and ask for compensation for their inconvenience.

When traveling with pets it is always best to go to hotels that accept pets.  There are quite a few hotels that do.  These hotels may charge an extra fee, but they are prepared for pets.  From having certain rooms set aside to having pet walking areas around the hotel. 

Bringing a pet into a hotel that does not accept pets can result in an unexpected fee or eviction from the premises.  By staying at pet friendly hotels many inconveniences can be avoided, not only for the pet owners and hotels, but also for any guests who may be staying in the room next.   Remember not everyone loves pets and some guests may be allergic.