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Pets and vets save more lives than expected

Dogs are great for physical and emotional well-being of humans.
Modern Dog

More and more people are catching on to the fact that dogs save lives. It is just a simple fact of life!

There are many ways to view the saving, but veterans can attest to the fact that the companionship and unconditional love that a dog provides does way more than just curb the loneliness and help them to heal emotionally and physically. Dogs are doctors, psychologists and priests. They listen, understand and don’t talk back!

Modern Dog is just one of the sources lending us information about great organizations that are helping veterans through the throes of after-war dilemmas by placing the vets with a canine companion –either a previous MWD (military working dog) or by utilizing “last chance” dogs and cats and engaging them in programs that will benefit both the person and the pet alike.

The Program that Modern Dog spoke about in their online Newsbite is none other than Pets for Patriots. This group helps the vets to adopt the last chance group for companionship and therapy purposes. This way, the U.S. Veterans will help keep the statistic of 70% of all American households include a four-legged member stable – or will possibly increase it.

Dogs and cats, too, are great for physical and emotional well-being of humans. The program that Pets for Patriots has created helps save some really great pets from some disastrous situations and then they in turn help the veterans to turn a much-needed corner.

Other organizations that help to save pets and rescue Military Working Dogs is the Guardians of Rescue (, Save-A-Vet and the American Humane Association. While there are several others, these groups just happen to be in the news quite often for the rescue efforts that they provide – as well as the appreciation of who they do it for!

When many of the veterans return from deployment, they suffer from something called PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The dogs, especially MWDs that have had the same experiences and can relate to the nightmares, the fright caused by certain loud sounds, and going out in the public eye. The dogs and humans help each other to heal in these situations.

Sometimes before a soldier deploys, he or she wants to give their family a pet to fill the void that their absence leaves or vice-versa, they come home and have no family so they are alone. These organizations help to provide a constant companion that also needs and want a loving home.

On the flipside, the animals being placed may not have another opportunity due to the fact that they have been in a shelter or rescue for a while. Perhaps they are older; perhaps they have been a victim of animal abuse or have a disability or chronic medical condition. Each of these circumstances prevents a perfectly good companion animal from being placed many times simply because of said conditions.

Thankfully there are organizations out there that recognize the unfairness of both situations and have come up with a solution to help both the animals and the people in need! Even if you have not signed up to defend the country, you can be a hero to those who have by sponsoring one or more of these organizations that help our heroes. Check them out today!

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