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Pets and summer fun

Pets love summer as much as we do, so it's time to let our furry (and scaly and feathery) critters enjoy the summer sun as much as possible. Here are many ways you can let your pets enjoy the heat just like we love it.

For birds, place their cages in the windowsill, or on sunny days without a breeze, set their cages outside, with supervision of course. Birds love to sunbathe, and will enjoy the many sights and sounds of the outdoor world, including the chirping and activities of wild birds.

Lizards and snakes love to be outside as well, or at least in the heat of the window with the sun creeping in. Provide a flat rock for sun bathing and your scaly friend will love you for life. Same goes for fish- place their bowl near the window sill so they can take advantage of the days, but don't let them get too hot in there.

Cats love windowsills as well (see a trend here?) Allow your cat to explore the outside while being safely indoors by opening all windows and allowing the sun and sounds of the outdoors to enter your home. A happy cat is an entertained one.

For dogs, exercise is the key to keeping them happy in the summer sun. Plenty of walks in the wee hours of the morning or early evening are best for your canine friend to allow him to enjoy summer without getting too hot.

When it comes to the summer sun, all pets love being outside. The key lies in keeping your pets safe while giving them access to the outdoors at the same time. With the right tools and tips you can have happy pets and be an even happier pet parent all throughout the summer season. Bring on the happy summer sun!!!

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