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Pets and regulations

July seems to be the month for events surrounding our dogs. However, we can have lots of fun and enjoy our pets far into the fall. Our pets love to go with us and just a little preparation and thought will give us some quality time together during these warm and carefree months.

One thing we must call to the front of our minds is the weather and our regulations regarding pets in public areas. We are the ones who must be aware, be courteous and respect others. One of the tidbits which came from many of the exhibiters at the Pet Expo in Seattle in April was how a few are spoiling the view of all of us. Some just think they can take their pet anywhere they like. Even postings on doors and the conversation with staff of the store, seems to not make an impression on some people. And when in a park, unless it is posted as no leash or off leash, our pets need to be on a leash and under our control at all times.

We love our pets and just a few are spoiling our ability to take our pets with us. The other side of that coin is many animals are infected with disease by those running free and not under control. If at all possible sign up for the class is being held in Seattle, WA the weekend of July 19th. The loss of one of our beautiful friends due to the negligent of another is just too hard to bear for some. Be aware of the regulations where we are and obey those for the sake of our wonderful friends who care for us unconditionally.

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