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Pets and abuse of them

I only want to please
I only want to please
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Those of us who love pets have a very difficult time reading or even envisioning how a person could mistreat or kill a pet. Recently an article was posted on the internet about how a man killed his pet dog. The posting was from an animal rescue in Washington State, and went on to say the rescue had petitioned the prosecutor in the municipality to charge the man with criminal mistreatment of the dog.

Every person should know and care about this case. We should all be concerned about animal welfare and animal abuse. And especially for someone who says they love and care about a pet to then abuse them in any way and most especially to kill them. Two things about this case should be acknowledged. One, there should not need to be a rescue petitioning a county officer to prosecute. This should be automatic recoil from the crime or crimes. Those who say ‘this was just an animal; should be aware of the mounting evidence that from animal abuse springs felony criminals who go on to perpetrate against humans including murder. Second, there does not need to be a graphic detailed picture of the abuse to the animal in the media. This kind of information should be left to the courtroom. Demystifying the crime only leads to more crime again shown by research. ‘Several academic studies have found a clear link between animal cruelty
during youth and violence against humans as an adult. And went on to say The legal experts in ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program work closely with law
enforcement agencies across the country to ensure that animal abuse
cases are taken seriously’ . As reported by the Animal Legal Defense Fund April 8 2013 And the following links will take readers to more information supporting the scientific research linking animal abuse and human violence.