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Pets 101: Where are the dog friendly parks in Albany?

Angel loves to shop for bargains
Angel loves to shop for bargains
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According to the 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the Pet Products Manufacturers Association, there are 77.5 million companion canines in the United States. There's are dogs living in 39 percent of all U.S. households. Sixty-seven percent of those households have one dog; twenty-four percent have two, while the remaining nine percent have three or more. That's an average of 1.7 pet per pet parent.

Companion canines, unlike cats, have to be walked several times every day for exercise and to use the bathroom. For the city dweller, finding a safe, dog friendly place to exercise their four-legged companion has always been a problem. Albany, like most cities, has a leash law. Technically it's against the law to take your companion off his or her leash even in parks like Washington Park and Lincoln Park, a law that most of us who live or have lived in the city at one time or another have broken. I mean, how do you play fetch with your little friend if he is on a leash? Well there's good news for city dwelling pet parents; there are parks within the city of Albany where it's now lawful to leave your pet run free.

There're four dog friendly, off-leash parks, in and around the city of Albany-The Westland Hills Dog Park, the Normanskill Farm Dog Park, the Hartman Road Dog Park, and the Department of General Services Off-Leash Area.

Westland Hills Dog Park is located on Anthony Street, off of Colvin Avenue, right behind the Armory Garage complex. Dogs are allowed to run off leash in designated areas of the parks as long as they have a current license, have all their shots, and are well behaved. Travel directions to dog friendly parks.

The Department of General Services Off Lead Area is located on Erie Boulevard, just north of the I-90 overpass and easily accessible to downtown pet parents. Pets must be in the designated "leash free areas", well behaved, licensed, have all their vaccinations and under their parents control at all times. They must be returned to leash before leaving the designated areas. Travel directions to dog friendly parks

The Hartman Road Dog Park is located on Hartman Road, a short distance off of New Scotland Avenue, adjacent to the Community Garden, next to the Albany Municipal Golf Course. Like the other dog parks, dogs must be licensed, be current on their vaccinations, be well behaved, and be under the control of their pet parent when in the designated "Off Lead Areas." Travel directions to dog friendly parks

Last, but not least, there's the Normanskill Farm Dog Park located on Mill Road off of Delaware Avenue. This dog park off the beaten path, provide a little bit of rural atmosphere for the city dweller and his or her companion to romp in. the same rules apply here. Travel directions to dog friendly parks

There's no reason to break the law to have some fun romping with your canine companion because one of these parks is bound to be near where you and your companion dwell.


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    Consider me one of the cat people. We said we'd stop at four, and then adopted another stray. We have to stop now--we can't lift a bigger bag of food.

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    I live right across the street from a part that allows dogs

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    Love the pic!

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