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Petroglyph Tours


What has been described as the highest concentration of rock art in the Western Hemisphere is located in the Coso Range near Ridgecrest, CA.
An outdoor adventure for the historic or nature enthusiast alike waits. The canyon has many wild desert animals to see from grounds crawling lizards to perched short-eared owls. Most importantly is the magnificent rock art. Over 6,000 images have been chipped into the walls of the canyon as early as 16,500 years ago! Native Americans shamans are believed to have created these depictions of hunters, arrows, sheep, and many abstract designs. Come stand among images carved by early man thousands of years ago and marvel at their creations.
The Little Petroglyph Canyon is located on a government base making public trips limited but, with the help of the Maturango Museum tours are available. The trip requires some car pooling, lots of water, a 3 mile round trip hike and of course a camera (photography is allowed). Maturango Museum provides trip arrangements during the spring and fall seasons, they can be contacted at 760-375-6900. For more information about requirements and when the next trips are scheduled visit their website:

Little Petroglyph Canyon
Photo Courtesy of Maturango Museum

Many thanks to Maturango Museum for the wealth of information they provide and the photographs for this article.


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