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Petrified one-year-old shepherd mix hiding in corner of county shelter

Petrified and ready to give up on life, Melody is finding her own way to give up on life.
Petrified and ready to give up on life, Melody is finding her own way to give up on life.Roswell Urgent Animals at Animal Control

In Cage 12, Melody, a one-year-old brown and white shepherd mix tries desperately to hide in the corner so no one will see her. The terrified dog who urinated on herself tucks in her tail, hides her face beneath her paws, and seems to have given up on life.

"What have I done to be left alone in a cage without my family," Melody wonders. "What did I do wrong to wind up here with all of these strangers? What will happen to me?"

Volunteers from the Roswell Urgent Animals at Animal Control in New Mexico are hoping someone will be there for Melody. Her time is running short as her intake date was listed as Jan. 17, and her expected day to leave must be by Jan. 24.

Rescuers have already raised $300 in pledges to help an approved rescue help Melody. A Facebook page has been organized to help save Melody; click here to follow her desperate plight.

The Roswell Urgent Animals at Animal Control provides maximum exposure for shelter pets. The Animal Control Shelter in Roswell, N.M. has an extremely high euthanasia rate. Please check out the beautiful dogs in dire situations.

"Our animals only have 7 days from the date of impound. Our shelter has limited hours: Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm closed 12 noon to 1 pm for lunch. This is the only other exposure these babies will get for a chance at a loving home or rescue!"

For more information, please visit the shelter at 705 E. McGaffey, Roswell, N.M. or call (575)-624-6722.

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