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Petitioning for more clothing optional recreational access

The 2009 NEF California Poll indicates that the idea of setting aside areas for people who enjoy clothing-optional recreation such as nude sunbathing and swimming enjoys enormous support. National polls show that public approval for the idea has clearly been building over the years, but governmental agencies have been slow to respond to the emerging demand. Agencies and public land managers must reevaluate their policies toward the designation of public land for people who enjoy nude sunbathing. (Source: Naturist Education Foundation)

Petitioning for change.
US Government photo | Public Domain

As readers will recall, Dallas Nudist Culture Examiner conducted a poll recently in regard to More Access to Public Lands for Nude Recreation. While it wasn't a scientific poll the results did, like the 2009 NEF California Poll referenced above, indicate that the idea of setting aside areas for people who enjoy clothing-optional recreation does enjoy considerable support.

[MORE from Dallas Nudist Culture Examiner: EZ activism strategies in support of the clothes free lifestyle]

The survey received 174 responses. Perhaps there were not as many responses as was hoped for but clearly enough to suggest that it might be worthwhile to post a "We the People" petition asking the government to designate portions of public lands under management of the federal government for clothing-optional recreational use.

A petition that lobbies for that very thing was uploaded to the "We the People" website on January 13, 2014. Brevity is a requirement of the website in that only a specified number of words are allowed so the petition is concise. In the hopes of perhaps gaining support for the petition from some beyond members of the nudist/naturist community, a link was included at the bottom of the petition to a newly created website, Clothing Optional Access, which more fully tells the story behind the petition and explains what it is about.

If you are among the 96-percent who responded to the survey and agreed that giving nudists/naturists more access to designated areas in federal parks and forests for nude recreation and naturist activities is an "extremely good idea" then please consider signing the "We the People" petition. Not only that, but please also consider reaching out to your friends and followers on social media and asking them to support the petition. A minimum of 100,000 signatures must be received by February 11, 2014, in order to require an official response from the government. If that threshold is not met, the petition will be disregarded and not be given serious consideration.

In these days where opposition to open nudity seems to be growing, it is now more important than ever for the nudist/naturist community to stand together and make their voices heard.

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PLEASE SIGN the petition for more access to public lands for clothing-optional recreational use at the "We the People" website.

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