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Petition to revoke Justin Beibers Greencard now in the hands of Obama

He thrived as a child but now struggles with adulthood.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

He was once a child icon. Now he is struggling in adulthood and enduring frequent run-ins with the police. Parents, the community and even other performers are getting fed up with the publicized image of Justin Bieber. Bieber has remained in the public eye continuously but without merit or even dignity. The media has continuously followed Bieber's struggles and now they might be part of his destruction.

A large group of concerned citizens are now petitioning President Barak Obama to relinquish Biebers right to reside in the United States.Bieber is from Canada and is currently here on a renewable Visa. The petition has already passed the 100,000 threshold that is required for it to be considered. It is predicted to continuously rise. If this passes Bieber would be forced to leave the United States. The petitioners are concerned with Justin Bieber's influence on the youth.

Beiber is currently out on bail in Miami and scheduled to go to trial on Valentine’s Day. A conviction could only lead to more problems for the 19 year old pop star. This situation could further influence more people to sign the petition .President Obama currently has several other important tasks to concern himself. It is no doubt that this unwanted task came at horrible timing for the president. The media frenzy surrounding Bieber will surely only get worse with the arrival of the petition at The White House.

As parents we are forced to deal with the reality the influence icons and other people have on our children. It could be a child star turned convicted felon or even the neighbor across the street. Either way, strong and guidance could save your child from negative influences. If Justin Bieber was not in the headlines, some other icon would be there.

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