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Petition to have ex-Rains County deputy charged with animal cruelty

Candy, shot by Rains County Sheriff's deputy
Candy, shot by Rains County Sheriff's deputy
Facebook: Justice for Candy Middleton

A petition has been started asking for charges to be made in the case of a Texas dog shot by police. Justice for Candy Middleton posted the new petition on their Facebook page April 26.

This Examiner article by Penny Eims also has a new article where ex-officer Dooley speaks out. For a list of articles following the tragedy, please see those under suggested by the author below.

While there are several petitions floating around in the internet world, this is the petition that needs to be directed to Governor Perry and the Rains Co. Sheriff's department.

The state should seek animal cruelty charges against ex-Officer Jerred Dooley, and also hand down disciplinary action against State Trooper Hayes, who mocked the family unprofessionally. There is video evidence that shows how Trooper Hayes smiled and waved for the camera after Candy had been shot.

Candy was shot in the back of the head. Dooley refused to end the suffering he had inflicted on a retreating dog, then lied about it to new media, to his fellow officers and on his official report.

Dooley should be charged as a private citizen would have been charged. His behavior has tarnished the image of the many good officer's out there who do their best to protect residents under the jurisdiction of their respective police departments.

Please share this petition with friends. Police officer's who feel the need to shoot any dog that so much as looks at the officer the wrong way should be trained in how to handle dogs in a non-lethal manner.

You can follow Candy on her Facebook page by clicking here. More than 27,000 have 'liked' her page, and justice will be served.

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