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Petition: State of California levies unfair huge tax against animal rescuer

California dog in high kill death row shelter
California dog in high kill death row shelter
Martinez Animal Control

State of California Francise Tax Board has levied a huge and unfair tax upon director of animal rescue group.

For over 15 years, Reunion Rescue has saved California dogs from high kill death row shelters. In 2005, the IRS audited and imposed new taxes owed which has been settled in an offer in compromise paid out over five years.

The State of California waited until 2013 to alter the $1630.00 new tax and added an additional $4125.00 for penalties and fines levied nearlly 10 years later. Rescuer was unaware of the alteration and objects to the huge new total of $5755.49.

We have offered to settle with the original amount, but were turned down after submitted two very complicated and complex offers.

The State of California has threatened to place a lien on our home which jeopardizes the lives of animals we've saved from their high kill state in which hundreds of thousands of animals are being slaughtered.

Every day, Reunion Rescue receives thousands of pleas to help with the animals being killed at high kill pounds from Devore to Mount Shasta. We do not collect a salary for the work we do 365 days a year to save California's mistreated and forgotten animals, but in return, ask that the state not impose huge and unfair amounts to settle their own State of California financial problems.

With so many rescues being treated unfairly, it's common to see daily notices of foreclosed fellow rescues filled with animals whose only option is to be sent back to the California death rows they were saved from.

Please sign this petition begging Governor Jerry Brown and his purchased bred dog to remove the unfair penalties dating to 2005 and accept and fair and just cash offer to settle this debt and allow us to continue our work saving lives.


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