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Petition: Prosecution for Russian truck driver who drove over herd of goats

A petition posted via social media this week provides a video posted on the Facebook page for, recorded by a truck driver in Russia. The screen capture taken from the video shows the terrible scene of the bodies the goats, killed by a second speeding logging truck. Now a petition is being circulated through social media, asking that a full investigation into this heartless act be launched, with the driver prosecuted.

Bodies litter the bridge as the logging truck speeds on
Courtesy of Facebook

The information given is that a shepherd was trying to get his herd of goats across a bridge. The goats were peacefully walking across the bridge, when a large logging truck was taking a video of them as they crossed. Suddenly a second huge logging truck can be heard coming into the lane next to the first truck. Then, there are the awful sights and sounds of goats being run over by that second truck, as the driver merely blew the horn and kept on speeding through.

The driver never slowed down, nor did he/she stop and come back to see what had happened. Several goats were literally torn apart, with others severely injured.

The video is graphic and difficult to watch. The sights of the dead goats, the injured ones trying to limp away, and the shepherd's frantic attempt to help his herd are heartbreaking. These goats never stood a chance, as there was no warning and no escape for them.

Please consider adding your voice, to try to convince the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation to launch an official investigation into this cruel act. Clearly this truck driver's only concern was finishing his haul, with no care whatsoever for the innocent and helpless lives that were lost and injured in such a brutal way.

Many times petitions are not helpful, but this is another country, and perhaps if enough advocates speak out, something will be done. The truck driver should be prosecuted for this, under whatever laws are available in that part of the world for those who heartlessly kill innocent animals.

Petition link:

Click here to sign the petition: "Prosecute driver who ran over a flock of sheep in Russia!"

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