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Petition made in order to save Universal studio Stage 28

Yesterday, Aug. 26 an open petition was created and it was created on the White House official website. The open petition that was created, had been made in order to save a classic Hollywood landmark that deals with a silent horror classic and other pieces of Hollywood movie history.

The creator of the petition according to the site, is know with the initials T.R. They were also the first to get their signature on it. The aim of this is to make people aware that Universal Studios is considering to demolish Stage 28. Signers would like the stage to get a National Historic Landmark status, so in the future it can't be torn down. Stage 28 was created in 1924. One of the most famous films that came out of that studio was the 1925 silent horror film, "The Phantom of the Opera." The interior of Stage 28, has an important piece of silent history in there, the reconstruction of the Paris Opera House that was used for "The Phantom of the Opera." That piece is known as the the single oldest remaining piece of Hollywood history.

The petition goal is to get 100,000 signatures according to the site and so far they have 863 signatures. Universal wants to get rid of it to make more room for development. "The Phantom of the Opera," is a silent classic that starred the legendary Lon Chaney, and was based off of Gaston Leroux's novel of the same name.

Do you feel like saving this piece of movie history is a just cause? If you do feel that way, you can sign the petition here.

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