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Petition for safer rides in downtown Austin gaining traction

A crowded night on 6th street
A crowded night on 6th street

A petition to provide safer transportation methods for late night Austin drinkers has reached over 2,600 signatures and will be discussed at a public Cap Metro hearing on April 14. Sara Levine, a former downtown bartender, is leading the petition and has helped many patrons find a way home during her time working.

"I would have to deal with customers that couldn't get home at night. They would wait for hours for cabs, they couldn't get a bus their direction and ended up, most of them would drive home drunk," Levine said, according to a Fox news report.

Multiple other sources who have worked or gone downtown agree that the transportation methods to get home late at night are not enough and something more needs to be done.

As a resident of Austin and frequenter of 6th Street the general opinion is valid. The blocked off roads, merciless ticketing, and lack of reliable cab access do make for a tough experience when trying to find a way home. The bus system is a mute point since at that time of night they're very infrequent and rarely go to locations outside of downtown.

The two methods currently in place are a "Nightowl" service that Cap-Metro operates that runs until 3 am and an E-bus service Thursday through Saturday from 8:30pm - 3:00am.

Have you had a bad experience trying to leave downtown late at night? Share your comments below and take a look at Levine's petition here.