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Petition for bikers to attend funeral

Hank McGrath

Petition to Homeland Security to issue Visa's for friends, family, and Associatiates to Attend Cisco Elliot Valderrama's Funeral

Your support is needed by signing the petition below, which would have Homeland Security reconsider the entry of those from the biker culture in Europe and their families and friends to attend the funeral – by providing a waiver to inadmissibility and receive a temporary visa.

Covered in TheHeritageVoice.US article by Hank McGrath, “Freedom To Travel Controlled By Nefarious Means”, it is explained how the U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs and the INS has unjustly created a profile on bikers and biker clubs, in general worldwide, which includes their families, friends and supporters, by labeling them a "criminal enterprise" and all others are supporters of the criminal enterprise.We all know this is simply not true. All clubs are legitimate clubs, most members have never been convicted of a crime and most all family members, friends and supporters being barred from entry into the United States have never been convicted for a crime.

What makes matters worse is there are various club members stranded in other countries now unable to share with or be with their families and loved ones. Some members have died, never able to see, touch, hold or whisper in spirit to their loved ones!

These are citizens of the United States barred from coming home! These are European bikers, friends and family members of bikers and biker clubs in the United States, banished from the United States without due process or just reason beyond a phrase or label placed upon them by an extremely questionable governmental process, especially when just days ago Homeland Security and the Obama Administration relaxed visa restrictions for those who have given refuge and assistance to terrorists who aided and abetted in the killing of U.S. Soldiers and innocent civilians worldwide! It is unjust, unreasonable, and a violation of human rights to intentionally bar bikers, clubs, friends, supporters of bikers, associates of bikers and family members of bikers from entering the United States.

PLEASE sign the petition in support as this affects ALL CITIZENS home and abroad.

READ: Freedom To Travel Controlled By Nefarious Means

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