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Petition created to memorialize Robin Williams in 'World of Warcraft'

Flowers are placed on Robin Williams' Hollywood Walk of Fame star
Flowers are placed on Robin Williams' Hollywood Walk of Fame star
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Robin Williams was known as many things: actor, comedian, musician, alien from the planet Ork. People in the gaming community knew the 63-year-old Williams, who died Monday via suicide, as one of them, as a gamer.

Robin Williams, who ended his own life after battling alcoholism and depression, was an avid gamer who played games across a variety of formats. Williams even built his own gaming rigs on which he played everything from "Call of Duty" to "Portal" to "World of Warcraft." He even named his daughter Zelda, as in "Legend of Zelda."

"World of Warcraft" player and Robin Williams fan Jacob Holgate created a petition, urging "WoW" publisher Blizzard Entertainment to create an in-game tribute to the comedian and gamer. Holgate suggests that Blizzard create an NPC of Robin Williams, perhaps performing some of his best jokes at the World's End Tavern, "so that he may continue making us smile long after his passing."

At press time, the petition has accumulated almost 11,000 signatures and has drawn the attention of Blizzard. The Blizzard developer whose Twitter handle is @Celestalon tweeted "Yes. We're taking care of it" when asked if Blizzard had seen the petition. That obviously doesn't mean that Robin Williams will be cracking jokes anytime soon in Azeroth, but it should give some hope to those who have signed the petition.

If Blizzard does choose to memorialize Williams in "World of Warcraft," it won't be the first time that a real-life individual has been honored posthumously in the game. Anthony Ray Stark, a friend of several Blizzard developers who passed away after a scuba diving incident in 2005, has a tombstone in the Hillsbrad Foothills zone. One of Stark's characters, a dwarf named Rousch, can be seen paying his respects at the tombstone.

Robin Williams touched the lives of many throughout his remarkable life. Fans can add their names to the petition to include him in "World of Warcraft" by visiting this page.

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