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Petey, the family dog at Izzie's Pond Rescue, recovering after being hit by car

Petey recovering after being hit by a car
Petey recovering after being hit by a car
Facebook: Izzie's Pond

UPDATED May 9, 12:50am

Petey's hip had been put back in place but they did additional xrays today. At first the main thing was just her survival and they were worried about her brain swelling and lung contusions. The swelling is now gone. Her back hip popped back out of joint, and they are going to have to do the hip surgery after all. They may send her home Saturday, for bed rest, and determine when they are going to do the hip surgery, after the lungs have healed. There's potential problems with her front right shoulder and the family is hoping right now that's it's just swelling and temporary nerve damage instead of anything that is permanent, but only time will tell.

Izzie's Pond is a non profit waterfowl rescue located in Simpsonville, SC that relies solely on volunteers and donations. The rescue, named after a little girl named Izzie who is a personal friend to each animal in residence, is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned or abandoned waterfowl.

Right now, Izzie's Pond needs help for one of their own-their family dog, Petey. On May 6, Petey managed to stay alive against all odds after being hit by a car in front of her home. Facebook has kept everyone informed of this near fatal accident via social media.

Lizzie's Pond owners Angie Durham and Greg Askew were chatting with neighbors when a car came out of nowhere, sending Petey flying 50 feet. The driver was distraught over the accident, and for awhile the family wasn't sure Petey would pull through.

Petey was rushed to Cleveland Park Animal Hospital, where she was stabilized. She is now out of shock, and her vital signs are good. The poor baby has a concussion, swelling in her brain and contusions on her lung.

Petey was put on steroids, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. The staff at Cleveland Park were flipping her every few hours so her lungs wouldn't gather fluid.

Although she was able to look around and her eyes were open, Petey was unable to lift her head. The family sat with her and talked to her, just to see whether Petey would still recobnize them.

Since Petey required round the clock care, she was transferred to the Emergency Clinic for after-hours monitoring of her vitals, in the event she suffered a seizure or other emergency.

Apparently Petey has a very strong will to live. She recognized her family when they walked in the door, put her paw on Greg's arm, and even tried to get up once. As long as no blood clots or seizures occur, Petey is expected to make a full recovery.

She has to take it easy for the next month or so. No running or playing allowed. It's possible Petey may not need surgery on her hip, given how well she's recovering.

Petey is now sitting up and eating on her own. She made it through the first 24 hours, which is a huge milestone. The doctor's at Cleveland Park East Animal Hospital are handling her daytime care, and she's going to Animal Emergency Clinic each night.

Petey even tried to drag herself up to the front of the car to ride 'shotgun' by Greg, who is her favorite human servant. She's lifting her head and wagging her tail and is so happy to see everyone.

Petey is definitely a survivor-a lucky dog who loves her family very much.

The family is very moved by the outpouring of support by the community. One group of young people who heard Petey's story have raised more than $100 by selling lemonade. Their stand is in the Dunwoody Oaks neighborhood.

Others are stepping up to care for the other animals at Izzie's Pond, allowing the family to spend time with Petey without worrying how things are being handled at home.

Fox Carolina News covered the story Thursday night. Fox is great at helping out animals in need in the Greenville area, and have gained a loyal following for the work they do to promote animal welfare.

Saving Petey is going to cost a lot of money. Izzie's Pond has a PayPal link for donations here. If this doesn't work, you can access it on the 'about' section of their Facebook page. A DONATE feature is also available on the Facebook page. Please share Petey's story, and donate a few dollars if you can.

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