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Peterson brothers work, a smash hit in New York

Peterson works the body of Santana
Peterson works the body of Santana
Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

Lamont and Anthony Peterson took New York by storm last night with impressive victories in their first fight in the Big Apple. Lamont retained his IBF Jr. Welterweight belt with a TKO of Edgar Santana, when referee Pete Santiago stopped the fight as the seconds ticked away in round 10. Anthony stopped Edgar Riovalle in the first round with a 3 punch combination and knocked out Riovalle in 2:41 of the round. They fought at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Lamont, 32-2-1, 17 KO's, fooled everyone by coming out in the first round dancing and moving for the entire round. Peterson followers were shocked because they know how he likes to work the body and shoot short shots to the head. "I just wanted to move around and let him get comfortable with his forward momentum. Once he got his momentum coming forward.....once I plant and start pushing him back, he will be a little shocked and I can start my work inside", said Lamont. He actually moved the same way into the second round. In round 3, it was vintage Lamont Peterson as he pounded Santana, 29-5, relentlessly. The shots to the body were so severe, you could hear a chorus of grunts from press row. Almost as if they were a church choir grunting in harmony.

Santana was a game challenger. He kept moving forward, but Lamont hurt him in the early rounds to the body and in round 5 jarred Santana with a shot to the face that rocked him back into the ring. He grabbed at his nose. So called ring side experts were wondering why Santana did not keep the jab in Peterson's face like he did in rounds 1 and 2. Throwing a jab can expose your ribs and it was clear Santana did not like those right and left shots to his mid section. From rounds 5 to 10, it was more of the same. Peterson throwing shots from the bottom of his feet to land in the body of Santana and coming up top with clean head shots. As Santiago looked into the eyes of Santana, he realized he was a game, but beaten man and waved the fight over.

After the fight, all questions were about a Peterson-Danny Garcia fight at either 140 or 147 pounds. DC vs. Philly. All time rival cities in all sports. "I will say what I have been saying all along. I want the fight with Garcia. It will have to make sense to me and him from the business side of it. It will make sense to settle the fight at 140. We both have belts at 140", says Peterson. Garcia, who disposed of overmatched Rod Salka with a 3 knock down, knock out in the first round. Salka, clearly did not belong in the ring with Garcia. Garcia echoed Peterson, "I want to fight Peterson. If he wants it, so do I. I am a fighter. I do not schedule my fights. I just fight who ever they put in the ring and I beat them all". Golden Boy Promotions is quick to say that they promote fights with the fans in mind and they brag about matching the best against the best. This does not seem to be a hard fight to make. Both fighters are separated by around 160 miles or so. It is more of a regular Showtime fight rather than a Pay Per View fight, so lets do it.

Anthony, 34-1, 22 KO's was impressive with his first round K O of Riovalle. He described his 3 punch combo this way. "I was watching Sugar Ray Robinson this morning and I saw him using the combination, so I got it from him. I knew I hurt him with a body shot, so I started working the head and I knocked him out with that combination." Anthony Peterson is still confident that he will get a title shot before this year is out. Please subscribe and see if Anthony will join his brother, Lamont, in bringing another belt into the family.