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Peters waging war on women with Obama’s help

Peters waging war on women with Obama’s help. Oakland County Congressman Peters is vying to be a Senator. He is now waging a war using close to the Obama administration. Julie Boonstra of Dexter is stricken with Leukemia. She is featured in advertisement, which states her plight of suffering from Leukemia and losing her insurance because of Obamacare. The ad identifies Peters as a strong advocate of Obamacare.

Ms. Boonstra had an insurance plan that she liked. We all know the President Obama lie. Congressman Peters also went on record saying Obamacare would not deny anyone insurance coverage. Well, Ms. Boonstra lost her coverage. She was able to find an insurance plan but the payment schedule was not as consistent as her previous plan, which she preferred.

The ad is factually correct. Peters bragged the wonders of Obamacare, bragging that he read every word of the bill. He conducted a phony town hall at West Bloomfield high school in 2009. But he only admitted loyal Democrat affiliates to the meeting, when hundreds were denied admission to the meeting.

Leukemia is cancer of the blood cells. It is often fatal. I have lost two family members in the past six months to this dreaded disease. The last thing we needed was a pompous incompetent congressman hiring high priced Washington lawyers threatening us and smearing our reputations.

So Peters instead of assisting Ms. Boonstra turns into a vengeful tyrant. He hires attorneys who have close ties to the Obama administration. If Peters were anything of a man, he would assist Ms. Boonstra and ensure that she get proper insurance coverage and the necessary treatment. After all, he’s yearning to be her senator. But no, he hires Obama thuggish attorney, which threaten the TV and radio stations that are carrying the ads.

Peters is a typical Democrat pretending to care for those in the middle class but in reality he is avaricious and possessed with power. He refuses to address the media and face his involvement in this matter. He is not worthy of being in Congress and definitely not worthy of moving into the Senate. He needs to learn the United States is a government by the people.

Final Thought: Peters could find a valuable position in the Vladimir Putin administration.

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