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Peters takes split vote on Ryan budget

Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) long years budget the House Republicans passed Thursday set back Rep. Scott Peters' (D-San Diego) plan to agree on a bipartisan budget. Democrats have to start work again on their own pro-growth budget.

One of Ryan's plans in his pro-growth budget founded on tax reform that warded off Demmocrats is a plan to reverse the Democrats "takeover of the health care market." Democrats settled on guarding against regular care cutbacks when they passed the Affordable Care Act, the Wisconsin representative said, peaked the health care regulation , the CBO reports will cost 2.5 million jobs by 2017, and, defeats the President's job creation goals.

The Republicans led by RYan plan to take a burden off employers and replace the costly health care services with "patient centered care." Job recovery progress concerns the legislators that passed the bill. They have not settled for the dragging growth in a job market that has "returned back to a sub-par level."

Peters, who voted against the Ryan budget with the rest of the San Diego Democrats, does not plan to agree to a Democratic bail out on a bipartisan budget agreed on last December. The budget keeps employers and Medicare users covered at a level that fits inthe President's plans.

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