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2014 Winter Olympics

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Peter the Great highlighted at Olympics Opening Ceremony; Russian navy seen

Peter the Great higlighted at Olympics Opening Ceremony
Peter the Great higlighted at Olympics Opening Ceremony
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Peter the Great was seen at the Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday night and the world was impressed with the amazing moment. It was Peter the Great who developed the Russian navy and his memory was strong in the ceremony. Looking to impress the world on the action of the great man, the arena floor on was turned into the sea using some amazing techniques.

A stunning graphic visual of the sea was found on the base of the floor and the cameras looking down had the world feeling like they, too, were in the middle of the ocean. The floor projection was one of many that was part of the ceremony and it gave the stadium a feel of the history of Russia.

While some of the best moments weren't translated very well in the opening ceremony, everyone seemed to understand the theme of the Peter the Great idea. Twitter, along with other social media, had people commenting on just how splendid the moment was to watch.

Using some of the best technology available, the seats that were available for the Olympics had a twist not seen at other opening ceremonies. Some of the best views were higher up. That’s right, the people in the top rows might have been able to see some of the projections the best as those fans with lower (and closer seats) couldn't see the whole show. For those folks who saw the ship in the seas when highlighting Peter the Great, it had to be a perfect moment!