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Peter LaBarbera: Gay rights advocates are "trying to steal Christianity"

Peter LaBarbera
Peter LaBarbera
Fox News

During the March 15, 2014 edition of Mission America Radio, anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera expressed his outrage at the existence of Christian gay rights supporters, whom he claims to fear are part of a plot to "steal Christianity."

Chief among LaBarbera's grievances was a USA Today column by Kristen Powers that had been critical of Arizona's proposed "right to discriminate" bill.

Powers had been critical of the bill for having no limits on to whom the legislation could apply, meaning it could be used to justify discrimination based on race, gender or financial status as well as sexual orientation.

Powers concludes by presenting the hypothetical scenario that has always resulted in the American Taliban's legislation being overturned in the past: One in which the same legal rights are afforded to non-Christians:

What if a town dominated by Mainline Protestants decides they don't want to serve evangelical Christians because they don't want to be seen as affirming people who they think are distorting the teachings of the Bible and dishonoring God? An evangelical pastor and his family show up at a hotel and are turned away. How is this right?

In a religiously pluralistic society, the possibilities for discrimination based on sincerely held religious beliefs are endless. Pray that Gov. Brewer vetoes this abomination of a bill.

Apparently, Peter LaBarbera was hoping nobody would point that out.

This resulted in LaBarbera insisting that Powers and other such Christians who opposed the Arizona bill are proof that "there's a huge movement on the left" to "steal Christianity to make it pro-sin, pro-homosexuality."

Like most members of the American Taliban, LaBarbera evidently finds a ridiculous conspiracy theory easier to believe than the notion that most Christians don't secretly want to create an American theocracy.

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