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Peter Hook brings Joy back, Closer this time

Peter Hook carrying the weight of Joy Division on his shoulders
Peter Hook carrying the weight of Joy Division on his shoulders
Peter Hook

Last year, Peter Hook brought his collective known as The Light to the United States to perform Unknown Pleasures, the flawless debut album from his first band, Joy Division. Many fans were seeing the songs performed live for the first time ever, and it didn't disappoint, despite the bassist being the only original member of the group onstage. It was quite the opposite in fact as Hooky's very presence brought an air of authenticity to the proceedings, and a show that audiences hoped would come around again.

Ten months later that's exactly what their getting as Hook this time will be performing the second and final Joy Division album, Closer, in full. Tonight at The Paradise is where it all goes down, and Boston Examiner caught up with the always open and outspoken Hook to chat about how different this trek is and what it means to delve deeper into his past.

Michael Christopher: Was bringing Closer out on the road simply a natural progression from doing Unknown Pleasures last year?

Yep [laughs]. And I always envisaged, once I started doing Unknown Pleasures, that I would do Closer. Basically it was just a ridiculous ploy so that I could come back to America. Play Unknown Pleasures once, then we come back and do Closer and next time, if you'll have us, we'll come back and play Unknown Pleasures and Closer together. It keeps me in a job you see, because I don't know what to do with myself when I'm not playing music.

How is the approach different for you in doing Closer?

I always knew that Closer would be, shall we say, harder to hide behind. Unknown Pleasures is very blustery, very aggressive, very angry, whereas Closer is much more open, much more melancholy, much more delicate; so it's not a great one to hide behind. And I must admit, we've not played it as much, so it's still quite young for me. We played Unknown Pleasures 60, 70 times so this is feeling more delicate. It's interesting because what I did was, as opposed to when Joy Division used to play the music, we never listened to what Martin [Hannett, producer of Unknown Pleasures and Closer] did, whereas with this project I've listened very closely to what Martin did. It makes it a little less punky and more elastic, because Martin put in so much...atmosphere, for lack of a better word, in the music, where Joy Division used to strip down the atmosphere and make it very spiky.

More to come....

Peter Hook's The Light with Andre Obin at Paradise Rock Club Tue, Sep 20, 2011 08:00 PM 18+ Event; Advance Box Office Price: $20


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