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Peter Frampton hurls rude fan’s cell phone during concert, explains why

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Do you feel like he does? Peter Frampton has a message for attendees at his concerts: No flash photography during the show. But a couple at his recent show at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana apparently missed that memo.

In an article on Wednesday for OnStage magazine, a concert goer revealed that the legendary ‘70s rocker took matters into his own hands – literally -- after a belligerent couple in the front row repeatedly snapped photos and hurled insults at both him and the audience throughout his show at the Palladium.

According to writer Melissa Schickel, a frustrated Frampton gestured for the obnoxious duo to stop with the photo ops (at one point one of them even backed up to the stage and took a selfie with the rocker), making it was clear he had enough of the their rude behavior. But during the performance of his iconic song “Do You Feel Like We Do,” the rocker reached his breaking point and decided to teach the rowdy couple some concert etiquette.

"I have never seen an artist so upset before," Schickel wrote. "Peter ends the song, walks over and with a huge smile on his face bends down and says, 'Hey can I see that? Can I see the photos you've been taking?' The guy hands him his phone and Peter stands up, spins and flings for the rafters!"

The rest of the aggravated audience reportedly backed the rock legend’s spontaneous move. According to the report, the crowd erupted into cheers as the cell phone flew.

Frampton addressed the unfortunate incident on his Facebook page, posting a link to a review of the concert with the intro, “For those of you from the Carmel, IN (Kah-mull) show who are still scratching your heads as to why I would relieve someone, in the front row, of their phone/camera … Many thanks to the eyewitnesses who came forward to explain how annoying, ‘Team Distraction’ actually were. And not just to me but everyone around them.”

Frampton isn’t the only rocker with a strict no-photos policy. White Stripes front man Jack White hates playing to a sea of cell phones so much so that he has professional pics of each show available for free on his website. Third Man Records reiterated that fans should not “take pictures or videos while holding up their cameras, phones, etc that block other peoples view or otherwise hinder other fans concert experiences.” The post on the record label’s website also questions why anyone would watch an entire show “through a tiny screen in their hand.”

And Indie rock band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have gone a step further, posting a sign at concert venues asking fans to just watch the show. According to CNN, the rock trio posted this all-caps message at a concert last year at New York’s Webster Hall: "PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THE SHOW THROUGH A SCREEN ON YOUR SMART DEVICE/CAMERA. PUT THAT S--- AWAY as a courtesy to the person behind you and to Nick, Karen and Brian. MUCH LOVE AND MANY THANKS! YEAH YEAH YEAHS.”

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