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Peter Frampton brings it to Philly

By Alex Lloyd Gross

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Peter Frampton and his band were here last night. They definitely brought it to town last night. Now we have to define what "it" is. A blistering rendition of Frampton Comes Alive? . Was it his band, a tight musical force that provided the back bone to one of the most anicipated concerts of the year? Or was it Peter's dry sense of humor and banter with the crowd? Maybe it was all of the above.

A near capacity crowd welcomed Peter back to the Tower Theater. Most of the places Peter has played in this city have been demolished. JFK stadium, The Chestnut Cabaret, the Spectrum. All gone. Frampton goes on, plowing through his vast library of songs, to new and old fans alike. The infamous JFK Stadium show in June of 1976 still weighs on Frampton's mind, as he asked the crowd "Was anyone there". More than half responded in the affirmative. "We have a new DVD being worked on which will have some footage from that show on it" Peter said during his show.

The crowd was mostly reserved, sitting in their seats except during the rockers such as "Show Me The Way"and "Do You Feel " occasionally, someone would yell loud enough for Frampton to hear them. When a female yelled I LOVE YOU Frampton was quick to retort, "I love you too, madam, no really, I do", to laughter from the crowd.

The bass player, Stan Sheldon was the original bass player with Frampton on the mammouth Frampton Comes Alive. The rest of the band was with Frampton for a few years. Adam Lester, tore up the guitar again on tour with Peter. The show lasted for three hours. The second set was an assortment of newer material That included some amazing instrumentals from Frampton's grammy winning Fingerprints album. Songs like "Float"and "Boot It Up" caused the crowd to sit in their seats spellbound while Frampton and his band entertained.

Sure, some people were not familiar with Frampton's newer material. Peter did not announce many of the songs during this set, leaving those in the crowd to wonder what a song was called.or what album it was from, if they did not know. Frampton did "Four Day Creep" from his Humble Pie days but he did not play "Doctor".

The encore was "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". If you missed the show or would like to relive was recorded. For about $35.00 you can purchase your own has allof the details.




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