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Peter Cook's Narcissistic Feud with Peter Cook

Christie Brinkley
Christie Brinkley

All divorces have a battery life and regardless of the civility of the involved parties, divorces can drag out while finances are worked out and child custody arrangements are made. The average length of divorce proceedings in the United States is roughly one year however; divorcing a narcissist is a battle that does not end when the divorce papers are signed. The 2014 Energizer Bunny Award of the divorce world goes to Peter Cook. Not shocking is the fact that Peter Cook was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) during a psychological evaluation while divorcing Super Model, Christie Brinkley.

After one taste of the limelight, individuals with NPD are addicted. During their marriage, Christie Brinkley provided Peter with what he craved: celebrity status. A narcissist needs “Narcissistic Supply” to survive which is best defined as an excessive need for attention regardless of how it affects friends, family members or children. Without Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook is just another ordinary guy from the East Coast. His narcissistic supply chain vanished with each click of her high heels walking out the door. Peter’s celebrity status went up in smoke when it was discovered that he was having an affair with a girl he met while she was employed at Stevenson's Toy Store in Southampton at the young age of fifteen. When the affair was discovered, Christie Brinkley filed for divorce and World War Three ensued.
In the world of psychology, NPD is considered incurable by the vast majority of experts. Peter Cook regularly demonstrates a trademark of NPD often shown post-divorce; he cannot handle the thought of his ex-wife thriving or being happy without him. Christie’s happiness is poison to Peter Cook and he demonstrates this through regular and greatly predictable temper tantrums.

Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D., psychiatrist and author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets provided insight into Peter Cook’s recent tirade,“Narcissists create a world for themselves in which they are the center. They believe their own view of the world they've created. It is clear from Peter Cook's letter that he believes what he is saying. But, much of it is his own projection. He berates Christie for not getting over the divorce and continuing to focus on and belittle him, when it's the other way around. He, apparently, hasn't gotten over the divorce and jumps at any opportunity to get back in the media to continue to criticize Christie, by way of their marriage and divorce.
Peter is of an age where he's worrying about 'still being sexy at (almost) 60', so this article is touching on a very sensitive nerve for him. He cheated with an 18-year-old, and he's wondering, or perhaps already doubts, that 18 year olds will still find him sexy. So, to see Christie looking fabulous, on the top of her game, and on the cover of a magazine, feels like a slap in the face which only highlights his inadequacies. It's not really anything she said, it's how she's come out on top.

Peter Cook’s most recent vie for attention appeared on Radar Online and highlights an email that Cook wrote in the wake of Christie Brinkley’s feature in People Magazine.

Christie, Over the last 8 years I have taken a lot of hits by way of your gross exaggerations, revisionist history, and self-serving dishonesty, but nothing could be more egregious than this incontrovertible lie. I let you get away with a lot for the sake our children. When you initially filed for divorce and you attempted to prejudice opinion of me by falsely accusing me of EVER being inappropriate with Sailor was the death knell for me as far as you were concerned. That was the day I took my wedding ring off.

You know I could not love or care for my children more, and that I have NEVER raised my hand to ANYONE, or surely you would not have encourage my adoption of Jack 3-years after we married. That you could so blatantly lie about such a sacred trust to position yourself as a victim once again is disgraceful. I didn’t think you could get any lower in you endeavors to stay relevant in the media than through your relentless trashing of the father of your children, and I don’t care about you or what motivates you to now perpetuate this horrific lie, and then to have your PR team work so diligently to see it is perpetuated throughout all possible media outlets… but I insist that you immediately demand that they work as thoroughly and dilligently to issue YOUR PERSONAL public correction/retraction and demand this libelous content be wiped from the media, immediately.

Nothing could be more upsetting than being falsely accused of being abusive to one’s children, particularly given the irony that the greatest abuse these children have endured is your insistence on publicizing our trial, our divorce these many years later, and making them suffer your need for attention at any and all cost:

“Brinkley won a large settlement, especially after revelation of Cook’s heavy hand on the three children.”
In PEOPLE Magazine you state your “50′s weren’t easy” because you “…went through a miserable divorce (from architect Peter Cook) while trying TO BE A PILLAR FOR MY KIDS…”

There is nothing about YOU FIGHTING and CAMPAIGNING to see our divorce proceedings were publicized, making our private lives media fodder for our children to have to endure for GOOGLE eternity, making false and dishonest statements about the father of your children and making every effort to alienate the children from their father that qualifies you as being a “pillar” for our children! –Peter Cook

Anyone who follows my blog, One Mom’s Battle, knows about the “Narc Decoder,” a patent-pending machine created to help people understand the special language exclusive to individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. NPD language is not unique and in fact, if you’ve seen one narcissistic email, you’ve seen them all. I will be honest in saying that based on the content of Peter’s email, I assumed Christie’s interview with People Magazine was chock full of details about Peter Cook. In the interview which spanned five-pages, there was no mention of Peter Cook other than the following quote by Ms. Brinkley, "My 50's weren't easy. I lost both my parents and went through a miserable divorce while trying to be a pillar for my kids. But I made it through. Now I feel on top of my game." This whole media frenzy could have been avoided if only members of the media had taken a second to read People Magazine or viewed her appearances on Entertainment Tonight. Peter Cook’s entire rant and the very things he's accusing her of are a fantasy inside of the mind of a narcissist.

Without further ado, here is the email from Mr. Cook after being processed through the Narc Decoder which, by the way, was smoking and crackling as this little gem passed through it:


I am foaming at the mouth over the fact that you are receiving press (again) and that you so happy. Please sit tight as I project my own behaviors, gross exaggerations and self-serving dishonesty onto you. I may even minimize my past and current behavior which is what narcissists generally do!

The first day that I took my wedding ring off was the day I met 15-year old Diana Bianchi in a toy store. Many believed that I was there under the guise of a doting father but you and I both know why I was there. How dare the media pick up on this! The only reason that this even made the news is because you are a celebrity. The more that I think about it, my affair was your fault!

I am still quite furious that you didn’t insist on our divorce being kept sealed and private. Regardless of the fact that all divorces in New York are public record, I am above common-folk and feel entitled to keep my $3,000 per month porn habit under wraps. Just think how deceitful I could have been while “accidentally” feeding the media my lies. With a sealed divorce, there would have been no way for the media to verify any of it. Why can’t you just start doing what I say?

I am incredibly bitter that the media is still interested in you and that my modeling career bombed very early on. I am angry that a major modeling agency picked you up at 60 years old. My hope is that you will become as ugly on the outside as I am on the inside. Someone out there needs to start believing that you are a selfish monster who is relentlessly trashing me, the father of your children. The challenging part for me is that in all these years, no one can actually find a single statement in which you’ve disparaged me. I am so frustrated by this and I demand that you immediately retract all of the things that you’ve never said about me!

As you know, I have needlessly dragged our children through the media because my narcissistic supply sits on empty the vast majority of the time. My “refuel” light starts flashing every single time you receive media attention and as we both know, I prey on those who are uneducated on NPD so that they will report that we are feuding. By definition, it takes two people to feud however; the general population isn’t that smart and they generally pool us together while the sad reality is that I feud all by myself. Peter Cook versus Peter Cook. Won’t you please join in this battle?

In regards to my statement to Radar Online, “But the excuses for her behavior are dishonest, convenient and increasingly difficult to accept. She’s simply using narcissism to distract from the real conversation.” What we both know that I meant was this: how dare you use my diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder to explain my behavior. How dare you tell the truth! - Peter

I have personally been through a four and a half year custody battle with someone who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. While Peter may believe that he is special and unique, he is grossly mistaken. He is a text book example of how someone with NPD behaves. He makes the preemptive strike while projecting and blaming his intended target. He uses the same playbook that all narcissists use along with the same language and he capitalizes letters in words to make sure his victim understands that he commands her attention and respect. As a person who has suffered at the hands of NPD, my heart goes out to Christie Brinkley and admires her for taking the high road and not engaging in Mr. Cook’s antics which is rule number one when divorcing someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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