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Peter Capaldi's new 'Doctor Who' costume revealed

Peter Capaldi's new Doctor Who costume has been revealed, and according to a report by MSN, the new look comprises " . . . a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, a white shirt and black Doc Marten shoes." See it here.

Who designed Peter Capaldi's new Doctor Who costume? Doctor Who costume designer Howard Burden is the man responsible for the dramatic new look.

Who is Peter Capaldi? He was named as the 12th Doctor Who in August of last year, and according to IMDb, he portrayed the role of Caecilius during a 2008 episode of the show titled "The Fires of Pompeii." He is also an Oscar award-winning actor, earning the accolade for his role in Franz Kafka's It's a Wonderful Life.

Learn more about Peter Capaldi in the video at the top of the page. Is he really too young to portray the title role in the popular series? He is 55 years old. Do you like Peter Capaldi's new Doctor Who costume? Sound off below.

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