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Pete Welch one vote away from replacing his mother in the Council's 9th district

Baltimore's Welch Dynasty??
Baltimore's Welch Dynasty??
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  • Profile picture of larken
    larken 5 years ago

    sir i would appeciate your insights.
    Tthe committee for Agnes ... has 10g and the freinds of Pete.. has 24g. As a resident of 9d who sincerly believes a change is decades overdue and supported Johnson in '07 what are the odds given the "oppostion votes and $ will get split three ways.

  • Kinji 5 years ago

    Hassan thanks that cleared it up for me about Bill. They are going to be some suprises in September. Some folk who they will be sworn by in January 2012 by Frank will be suprised.

  • Kinji 5 years ago

    Wait so this not really over yet which mean Abrigail could win the seat if some people chnaged their minds

  • Profile picture of Hassan Giordano
    Hassan Giordano 5 years ago

    Kinji its all but over! Those that voted for Pete on Thursday are certainly NOT going to change their vote on Monday! And the full council will probably vote for Pete with some members like Henry, Welch and/or Kraft abstaining from the vote! However Pete is all but confirmed sir!

    Larken...I believe that Michael E. Johnson would have a GREAT chance at winning in the September primaries had it been him v Pete one-on-one, however with Bullock and Abigail in the race the Professor is sure to split the votes that Michael would otherwise get and Abigail will get the usual white and liberally lost black vote leading to Pete more than likely winning based on name recognition!?

  • Ninth District Voter 5 years ago

    Thank God 4 real reporting! Its about time that out of all those reporting on this story, from the Sun 2 the Examiner(s) 2 Investigative Voice and others, you are the first that I've seen actually talk 2 the council persons for their real insight and present the behind the scene facts like that of Henry's support for Johnson, which was met with no support by others? Not one single council member including those like Carl Stokes and Jack Young who are suppose to be East Side fighters, sticking with Pete without ever actually looking at any other candidate! I guess they need West Baltimore votes that bad during their citywide runs that they'd sell their souls to the 9th district devil...Agnes Welch?!

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