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Pete Seeger and Tom Perkins

It is hard to believe that they are the same species.

Pete Seeger
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First and foremost. Rest in peace Pete Seeger. He was there for every important battle for almost 70 years. And he arrived with love in his heart and a song.


He marched, he taught and again, he sang.

Later, at an age when many folks are ensconced in their retirement lounge chairs, Seeger cleaned up the Hudson River.

Some pollute, or kill or discriminate or hurt, Pete Seeger healed.

Race and religion didn't matter to him, only justice.

The accolades will be tumbling out of the media. The same folks who laud a Ted Cruz or an investment banker.

But now, with voter discrimination and pollution and grand larceny by the investor class, Seeger can only be there in spirit.

Which segues the discussion to Tom Perkins. Hedge fund manager and historian. He likens the treatment of Jews by the Nazis to the current situation here inre the criminals, um folks of Wall Street.

Wait, the Jews had lobbyists writing the very laws designed to "regulate" them? They were allowed to steal- wholesale- and break every law attendant to fiscal matters and get bonuses?

They, again the financial folks, even laundered drug money. Try that 19 year-old young man of color.

An important PSA- stop making Nazi comparisons. It is unique in history. An organized and systematic slaughter of a group of people. Of course, mass murder by "leaders" is truly the oldest profession. So honor and respect each massacre by citing the specific history. The bloodbath in Rwanda is not the Holocaust. Nor is any other decimation.

And for all other situations, get a dictionary.

But for the love of all that is holy, protesting income discrimination and challenging that the people responsible for illegal activities be held accountable for their crimes is in theory, at least, the basis of our justice system.

Tony Perkins: you are a monster.

Pete Seeger: thank you for everything.

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