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Pete Seeger, an icon of not just the sixties but for the ages.

Pete Seeger
photo courtesy of the Internet

Born on May 3, 1919 he was the son of a musicologist and a concert violinist who introduced him early to folk traditions and a variety of musical influences. I can’t help but want to delve a bit into his birth chart so let’s have a look.

I heard We Shall Overcome as a child when Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights came to prominence in the early sixties not knowing it was a Pete Seeger song. In 1970 I heard Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds for the first time even though it had been around for a while. Pete Seeger songs were a big part of my coming of age. I sang Where Have All The Flowers Gone and If I Had a Hammer with the Girl Scouts. As I got to know more about him over the years I saw how much he resonated with the hippies, protesters and youth of the age. They got much of their inspiration from him. He had been playing his banjo, singing, speaking, making waves and pushing for change before many of us were born.

I was a typical flower child, very impressed with the prevailing trends. I was totally caught up in peace, love and rock and roll. The peace part really excited me and when I heard Turn, Turn, Turn I had kind of an epiphany. I thought the whole world was about to roll over and turn swords into plowshares. Well we can still hope. I have continued to admire Pete Seeger, his music and his causes. Not only was he a lover of music but a lover of humanity, nature and the earth.

He had a variety of aspects and we won’t go into all of them. We don’t know his ascendant. But there were several conjunctions that dominated his chart. The Sun and Mars were close together in Taurus. Venus and the Moon were in late Gemini, Pluto and Jupiter in Cancer, and the Moon was close enough to link up in conjunction with Pluto. He had a strong outspoken personality. He had so much physical energy. This is typical of the Sun and Mars together. He threw himself into singing, playing, writing songs, protesting, challenging authority, building and fixing things, sailing, travel and more. He was witty, affectionate and thoroughly enjoyed life. He pursued his causes relentlessly and passionately.

Venus and the Moon in Gemini added strength to his versatile creative and vocal talents. Pluto and Jupiter in Cancer indicated a great love of country, family and tradition. It was only natural he would love and promote folk music. Add the Moon to that, and you have the emotional spin he put on things and the great popularity he generated. Many of the songs he played were new and improved versions of old spiritual and folk favorites. For example the lyrics of Turn, Turn, Turn came from Ecclesiastes in the Bible and are so beautiful just by themselves. He set them to music and the result has become a classic. He made us want to cry, laugh, clap, dance and sing along.

Pete Seeger officially departed this life at age 94 on Monday January 27 in New York City. To quote today’s comment from fellow musician and dear friend Arlo Guthrie… Well of course he has passed away! But that doesn’t mean he’s gone.

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