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Petco builds unity in San Diego even after 10 years

Here’s the deal: It’s May 9, 2014 and my Padres need only about a two week hot streak and they could be right in the thick of it. Pitching is good enough to get us into the post season play and we have the talent for some hot bats... The guys just need to play a game, have fun and stroke it nice and easy.

There's no place like Southpaw for a Padres moment of joy...
Everybody goes to Southpaw

If you are hunting for a fine venue for watching the game, try the Southpaw Social Club which is like being inside Petco. The location is 815 J Street which is a natural for that location which is just north of the Park at the Park.

I believe that if we of the Padre Fan Base focus our thoughts on our team hitting with each at bat, the great computer in the sky will bring about all physics needed to make that happen. I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. And the more fans bonding together with a mantra of “get a hit; get a hit; get a hit the more likely it is going to happen!

Grab your buddies and go to Southpaw Social Club for a massage session of the collective consciousness which is the computer in the sky and can make our Padres the winning club that we all want.

Nancy and I went in for a look around and we found the ambience was great. The staff was friendly and got the job done. If I had a beef, it would be that the prices are set for next year when inflation should account for the prices being where they are today and I’m hoping that the club is planning to leave the prices alone for maybe a couple of years or three.

The burgers we ordered were interesting. We ordered the same burger but they seemed to have been prepared by two different line cooks. One was cooked to Nancy’s perfection but the other (Ted’s) was made to order for shoe leather. When I made the comment regarding my shoes needing new soles and I thought I’d found the material for the job, my server offered to give me a do over but I just hate sending anything back to a kitchen unless I can witness the entire redo in progress, so I ate a large portion of my shoe and had a couple of good pints with great pleasure until the bats failed to support one of the best pitching efforts I’ve seen from Kennedy ever!

Get a group together and give the Southpaw a try. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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