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Petco and PetSmart to stop selling cat and dog treats made in China

Many pet owners will be happy to learn that PetSmart and Petco will no longer be selling cat treats or dog treats that are made in China.

Hopefully other stores will stop selling cat or dog treats from China now that PetSmart and Petco have made this move. Pet owners have rallied for the treats made in China for dogs and cats to be eliminated in the United States for years.

Pet owners should be aware that treats made in China for dogs and cats won't leave the shelves in Petco until the end of 2014 and PetSmart will sell the items until March of 2015.

Some pet owners know products sold as treats for cats and dogs do not always give reliable information as to the origin of the product. Packages might say they are distributed by a certain company, however-purchasers won't be sure where the contents of the items were produced.

The announcement is good news for most, but too late for anyone already losing a pet to a product from China that was harmful to pets.

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