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Petcam for security sake

Androids showing Vuezone Petcam cababilities
Androids showing Vuezone Petcam cababilities

It was truly wonderful when manufacturers gave busy parents peace of mind by creating baby monitors. This allowed the parents to be able to move about in the local vicinity but know that they would be able to hear their baby if the baby needed them.

Well, there are other types of parents out there, too, because many families consider their canines to be a furry four-legged member. Dogs are cherished and very important – especially to those individuals who have not yet or even can have children of their very own. That is why the petcam was developed.

Petcams are based on the original idea behind baby monitors but allow the pet parent to be able to move to further junctures and still be able to see their furry companion live by viewing video feeds straight from their smartphone. A Petcam is essentially an excellent way to keep an eye on Fido when you are away from home.

The Petcam contains the Vuezone remote video monitoring system. This system will give the pet owner peace-of-mind, knowing that their pet is safe and sound in their home.

Another great thing is that it only takes minutes to create your very own personal pet monitoring network. The network is viewable from most smartphones, tablets and Internet browsers, so it gives the pet owner a variety of methods to choose from; what works best for their viewing pleasure.

This product will allow you to discover things about your pet that you may have suspected but weren’t really certain about. Does he or she get into the garbage? Do they sleep all day? Are they sad when you are away? If you have a pet sitter or dog walker in, are they treating your special companion the way they ought to be treated? Now you will know because the VueZone system is set up to automatically record every motion that I detected and each system comes with battery-powered, wireless cameras that have the ability to literally be placed almost anywhere in the home thanks to their unique peel and stick mounts.

Besides the easy setup in the home, the cameras also connect to the Internet easily and do not require that any software be installed on the computer system in order for them to run. Thus, you do not have to be a technical genius in order to get the system up and running in the five minutes of time that it requires.

The VueZone Petcams all come with a basic service plan, but for those that choose, there is a Premier upgrade available which provides motion alerts with video clips to your smartphone or iPad, automatic recording when motion is detected, digital pan and zoom, additional video storage, and the ability to support up to five cameras.

When you order and install your VueZone Petcams, you, too, will finally have peace-of-mind all the time from anywhere that you may be. This is the greatest development for pet owners, just as baby monitors were the best development for new parents. Technology has a way of offering people safety and security emotionally and physically. Thank goodness for these Petcams!

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