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PETA Rose Parade protester to enter plea, demonstration set for courthouse

PETA protestors demonstrate at the Pasadena Courthouse on Feb. 4.
PETA protestors demonstrate at the Pasadena Courthouse on Feb. 4.
Courtesy PETA

Amanda Slyter, one of 15 protesters arrested for protesting in front of the SeaWorld float at the 2014 Rose Parade on Jan. 1, will plead not guilty at Thursday’s arraignment, a PETA spokesman said in a press release emailed today.

PETA said that Slyter will use an unusual common-law defense known as the “necessity” or “greater good” defense. The defense will postulate that violating a lesser law of ‘interfering with a special event” was necessitated by what PETA says is a greater wrong, “in this case the cruel capture and lifetime confinement of orcas in SeaWorld's tiny concrete tanks.”

Demonstrators will gather at 8 a.m. on March 13 outside the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Pasadena to support Slyter.

SeaWorld’s float, “Sea of Surprises,” depicted a scuba-diving child romping with dolphins and orcas. It won the President’s Trophy for Most Effective Floral Use and Presentation. Related articles on PETA and the Tournament of Roses can be found at the links attached to this article.

Slyter said, ‘Blocking a parade float for a few minutes to make a point in behalf of oppressed beings who cannot free themselves is nothing compared to how SeaWorld robs orcas of the sea, their families, and any semblance of a quality life. The only hope for the orcas imprisoned at SeaWorld is for more people to take a strong stand, and they can start by boycotting this pitifully cruel amusement park.”

The courthouse is located at 330 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena. PETA's website is

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