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PETA kills plan to transform Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home

The childhood home is up for sale and PETA had a great plan to transform the house into a vegan restaurant. The idea, they said, was to change the place where a killer grew up into the "site of a celebration of culinary compassion" according to their website. Those plans have been squashed now though according to an April 8 report.

The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home is located about 25 miles south of Cleveland and sits tucked back into the trees. Priced at just $295,000 this is a great home for anyone who can look past it's dark history. A video of the home interior boasts big, picture windows and granite counter tops.

The realtor Rich Lubinski insists that the house is nice and someone should buy it and be happy with it. He says "the house didn't kill anybody." Indeed, the house did not kill anybody but it's former inhabitant did. In fact, Jeffrey Dahmer killed and buried his first victim in this home. That might be enough to turn some buyers away.

PETA had come up with an idea to turn the horrific home into a vegan restaurant. Talk about coming full circle. They even planned to name the diner "Eat for Life - Home Cooking." A call to action on the PETA website urged supporters to help in the full transformation of the house where the notorious serial killer began his violent ways.

Not all great ideas come to fruition though and PETA has put the brakes on the Jeffrey Dahmer house almost as quickly as the plan was hatched. Media officer Moira Colley said that PETA will not be moving forward with the project but never gave an explanation why.

Turning Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home into a vegan restaurant would highly ironic and would undoubtedly draw attention. Was that PETA's intent in the first place? To draw attention to their cause through the sale of the Dahmer home? Let us know in the comments below if the PETA restaurant was a real idea or just a publicity stunt to align their name with the Dahmer story.

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