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PETA forces Revlon to admit to animal testing

PETA forces Revlon to admit to animal testing
PETA forces Revlon to admit to animal testing
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

The ongoing saga between animal welfare group and cosmetics giant Revlon continues. Last year PETA purchased Revlon stock to uncover the awful truth. Revlon had still been calling themselves a cruelty-free company but had secretly been marketing cosmetics and beauty products to China. As of now China requires all beauty and cosmetics items to undergo animal testing in order to be sold there. Revlon was forced to come clean when PETA, now a shareholder, sent representatives to ask questions.

Just recently PETA attended the latest Revlon shareholder meeting. On Tuesday, June 10 Amanda Nordstrom of PETA had a chance to attend the meeting at the Revlon Research Center in New Jersey. Revlon tried their best to block PETA from sending any representatives but the Securities Exchange Commission ruled in PETA's favor under the basis that as shareholders they had the right to be there.

Revlon CEO Lorenzo Delpani was under fire to answer questions. It was revealed that while Revlon has pulled out of China admittedly their beauty and cosmetics products are still being sold there. As China has strict laws requiring mandatory animal testing this means that Revlon is still not a cruelty-free beauty company and continues to pay for animal testing.

Many successful beauty brands have chosen to avoid China due to their policies on animal testing. Companies including NYX Cosmetics, Paul Mitchell, Pacifica, Urban Decay, Lush Cosmetics and many others offer top quality cruelty-free products. In the recent years brands including Mary Kay, Avon and brands under the Estee Lauder umbrella including MAC Cosmetics and Clinique have started paying for cruel animal testing so they may enter the Chinese market. Animal testing involves torturous procedures that include but are not limited to the animals being blinded, burned and poisoned with chemicals and irritants.