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PETA advises Jenelle Evans to give up her dogs, 'Teen Mom 2' star responds

Some viewers of last week's episode of "Teen Mom 2" were horrified at how Jenelle treated her dogs. She screamed at them and put them in little crates that some fans say they could barely fit into. After receiving countless messages about the reality star, PETA wrote to Jenelle Evans about the treatment of her pets. According to an Aug. 10 post by All the Teen Moms, Jenelle responded to the animal organization on Twitter, which is enraging viewers even further.

PETA requests Jenelle Evans to give up her animals
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

PETA's letter to Jenelle Evans started off by saying that she has so much going on in her life and that she doesn't have the patience or the time to giver her pets what they need. It went on to explain how yelling at animals frightens them and the health consequences of animals being caged up too long.

The letter to the "Teen Mom 2" star explained that dogs need space, exercise and to be able to stretch. It also said that animals have to be able to go outside to relieve themselves. Jenelle was told that dogs need long walks, somewhere to play and should be treated as family members, not as an inconvenience. It also stated,

"Please understand that dogs are not toys or amusements or possessions just to have around. They are highly social pack animals, who crave the company of people and other dogs."

PETA recommended that Evans allow the Spartanburg Humane Society to find a better home for the animals. Immediate transportation to move the dogs was also offered.

Jenelle Evans didn't appreciate the advice. She responded on Twitter with a photo of the Geico lizard. It had the caption "I just saved 100% on stress by switching to not giving a f**k." She made sure to mention PETA in her tweet.

There were a few fans that still supported Jenelle. Some said that she might have just had a bad day. But one person commented on All the Teen Moms post,

"By posting that photo and comment after the fact, she obviously couldn’t care less about her dogs and needs them taken from her."

What do you think about the whole situation with Jenelle Evans' dogs? Do you think she was just having a bad day or should the animals go to another home? What are your thoughts on the "Teen Mom 2" stars response to PETA?

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