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Pet Supplies “Plus” opens “The Cat's Pajamas” 48-hour adoption event

Here are some of the cats available for adoption at "The Cat's Pajamas."
Here are some of the cats available for adoption at "The Cat's Pajamas."
Kenneth R. Shepherd/all rights reserved

At 4:00 PM on August 12, Pet Supplies “Plus” at 2057 Telegraph in Bloomfield Hills begins a marathon adoption event called “The Cat's Pajamas.” The store plans to adopt out a total of 200 cats or kittens from the Oakland Pet Adoption Center between 4:00 PM on Friday August 12 and 4:00 PM on Sunday August 14.

 “The Cat's Pajamas” event at Pet Supplies "Plus" plans on adopting out 200 cats.
Kenneth R. Shepherd/all rights reserved

Pet Supplies “Plus” will remain open throughout the event. In order to attract adopters and customers, the store is offering a twenty percent discount on all purchases plus no sales tax to people who come in between the hours of midnight and 4 AM on August 13 and August 14—as long as they are wearing their pajamas.

In addition the store will award a $100 shopping spree for the hundredth person, and a $200 shopping spree for the two hundredth person, to adopt a cat or kitten.

All cats and kittens available for adoption will have free wellness exams from The Cat Practice in Birmingham, one of the major sponsors of the event. The other major sponsor is Nooters Club, a national organization that promotes low-cost spay and neuter clinics to control pet populations.

Those attending the event will also get the opportunity to preview the Bloomfield Hills Pet Supplies “Plus”'s Kitty City adoption center. When it is completed, the center will allow potential adopters to interact with cats in a controlled space. Cats will have the run of the area, rather than being held in cages.

Come and find a furry friend at “The Cat's Pajamas”!