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Pet Sitters Versus Boarding Facilities

Going on long-distance excursions with a pet can be exhilarating for the owner. However, long trips in a car or horse trailer can be exhausting and sometimes dangerous for a pet. Therefore, pets often must stay home while the owner is away.

Example of a dog in a kennel versus being kept at home or in a well-organized pet-sitting facility.
Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

There are many boarding kennels and boarding stables that are inexpensive and have owners that are more than willing to accommodate animals in their care for temporary time periods. However, one must take extreme care when selecting a boarding facility. Some facilities are fine properties with plenty of space for animals to play in. However, many facilities are understaffed or may even be unscrupulous. These understaffed or unscrupulous facilities often overlook sanitation and safety procedures for their temporary wards. Many times, pet owners return exhausted from a long trip only to find their precious babies suffering from kennel cough, strangles, or worse.

Pets are a part of the family; therefore, they deserve the same treatment as a family member would receive when staying home instead of going on a long trip. Therefore, a well-trusted pet-sitter who comes to a client’s home or has a well-organized pet-sitting facility may be a better choice than a boarding facility.

Sometimes, a pet owner who already knows a client’s pets and the pet’s routine may be the best option. It helps to have neighbors who can keep an eye on the animals, the property, and the pet sitter as well.

Professional pet sitters should be bonded and have some education concerning pet care and pet emergencies. Finally, the caretaker should always be given a number to call for the purpose of contacting the owner in the event of a problem or emergency.

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