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Pet Sitter averts tragedy

When the air conditioning went out on a record high temperature day, it could have been a disaster for the pets that were trapped in a house where it rapidly rose over 90 degrees. Fortunately, Jim Ward, Professional Pet Sitter, was on the job and made sure the animals in his care did not suffer. In a rare instance in the Rogue Valley, the temperatures rose quickly and knocked out many, many air conditioners.

Too cute for words
Too cute for words
Photo: Jim Ward
A nice line of patient canines!
Photo: Jim Ward

Jim has been caring for pets in the Rogue Valley for the past fifteen years and never grows tired of either his pet owners or his pets. When Jim started in San Diego volunteering with greyhound rescue groups, he did not foresee how valuable the experience would be to help with animals. Jim learned a solid knowledge of the kind of care your animals need. It is more than just making sure the food and water dishes are full. A really nice service that Jim provides is to do what you and your pet need. If it is play time, Jim is good at that. If it is a nice walk that makes the day, Jim is good at that.

Some animals need more than one visit a day when their families are away; Jim can check in on them a number of times a day if needed.

People tend to think of dogs as the only creatures needing care, but cats, turtles, rabbits, gold fish and birds can all suffer if there is no one to see to their comfort. One tortoise wants to have his green salad fresh daily and if it does not appear, he bangs on the terrarium to let everyone know he is displeased.

One parrot greets Jim with the sound of a telephone ringing and a cheerful, “Hello!”

There are a number of ways to make sure your time away from your pets is successful. Try to schedule as soon as you know when you will be away and leave lots of notes for the pet sitter. If you are away on a regular basis, your animals will be much happier to know they are in familiar surroundings.

Jim Ward can help if you live between Central Point and Ashland, but even in other areas Jim networks with other pet sitters, so give him a call and make sure your pets are safe and comfortable when you are away! 541-499-1704.