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Pet Safety and Protection Act

Pet safety and protection act

Have you ever had a pet gone missing? Every year in this country millions of pets are dumped at research facilities where they are used in painful tests and experiments. Some of these animals are bred specifically for the purpose of animal experimentation and sold by Class A dealers. Others are turned over by tax-funded county animal shelters or stole from neighbors' yards. Strays are intentionally trapped and sold to research by Class B dealers.

Class B dealers are individuals who acquire animals from "random sources," such as auctions, flea markets, or unlicensed individuals who have been documented acquiring pets by theft, misrepresentation such as responding to "free to a good home" ads, and/or other questionable means.

Anyone who has loved a pet knows that these animals feel as we feel; pain, joy, grief, depression, excitement, anxiety. They bond with certain individuals and fear or avoid others. They can be shy at times while being affectionate and playful at other times. We have watched them problem solve, grow throughout their developmental years, learn. We have watched the rescued pets blossom once in a stable secure environment. We know what pain and misery the unfortunate animals used in research facilities endure despite the denials and justifications by those that profit from the sick, deplorable acts of abuse.

Animal research is about money, profit, not research. Without your immediate action it continues. With your voice and action working together relentlessly, animal welfare advocates can abolish this legal, tax-funded cruelty. Your elected officials need to hear from you today, tomorrow and everyday until this madness is put to rest.

TAKE ACTION NOW to end this barbaric use of helpless animals. Please make a brief, polite phone call or email to your U.S. Representative. Urge co-sponsorship of the Pet Safety and Protection Act. You can look up your Representative's contact information on the internet.

You can start the conversation by stating the purpose of your email or phone call......"I would like you to please co-sponsor H.R. 2224, the Pet Safety and Protection Act" and follow in your own words. Better yet, ending all animal research would end the demand and therefore the incentive.

Use the Humane Society of the US link to access the petition and share

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